Solitude 2 - Klaus Tiedge Fine Art Wildlife Photography

Original print of the Pride of Africa Collection™


All original photographs by Klaus Tiedge (+01.07.2019)  are continued to be available as limited edition prints and will from now on be released as an estate print with an embossed signature of Klaus
Tiedge and authorised by artistʼs wife, Sandra Tiedge. 

Solitude 2

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Portrait of a solitary lioness standing on a rock. Wonderful lion wildlife photo captured in Kenya. A low angle, dramatic sky and desaturated colours mastered the composition. A limited edition print that is timeless and modern at the same time – what an African gem!


Spending time in the Sand river territory close to the Tanzanian border is a privilege as I find myself adrift in a huge tract of untouched nature.

We drive over a cliff. Looking down into the small valley, I saw a gathering of about thirty thousand animals. I was stunned! They must have crossed the small river not long ago. After watching silently for a moment, we carry on going down the hill through the enormous herds of wildebeests and zebras. It is priceless.

By the muddled moo of the gnus you can tell, they enjoy grazing on the fresh grass this side.

We meet an old friend along the way and after a quick chat we drive on. The rock formations ahead of us are just incredibly beautiful.

My guide suddenly knocks me with his elbow. He points to a lioness hiding in the low grass.

A single lioness is strange as they usually hunt in groups with some other females. We stop the car in a good position between her and the herds … I get my camera ready.

The lioness looks strong and healthy with a predominantly hunting instinct. She sneaks up to the gnus and then runs into the herd chasing them apart. Running in between them, she cannot decide which one to choose … or is this all just a game and not a hunt for hunger?

Unsuccessfully she returns. Unobtrusively we follow her to the other side of the rocks. A small herd of buffaloes graze peacefully on this side. She approaches them carefully, obviously spotted the weakest among the group, a small buffalo. Eagerly she runs towards them and tries to separate the young buffalo from the elderly. But five big buffaloes take action and start chasing her. We intently watch this spectacle finding it adventurous and amusing at the same time. Ruthlessly the buffaloes put her to run for her life.

Only a few sturdy jumps up onto the close by rocks safe her from being taken down by them. That was a risky game, I think to myself

Exhausted she looks into the distance giving me the opportunity to portray her from an exciting low angle.



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  • All original photographs by Klaus Tiedge (+01.07.2019) are now released as an estate print with an embossed signature of Klaus Tiedge on the front (bottom right) and are released by the artistʼs wife Sandra Tiedge with a detailed authorisation on the back of the print.


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