Safari of my Life – Behind the Scenes – Episode 6 - Klaus Tiedge Fine Art Wildlife Photography

Safari of my Life – Behind the Scenes – Episode 6

Amboseli Highlights

We posted this video just before leaving Amboseli in March last year. Dean sat down to edit as Klaus went out on his own to finally focus on his photography. Up until this point it was all about the video and the footage.

Klaus was determined to get as much footage as possible. Adding to the Pride of Africa Collection was not at the front of his mind, but certainly would be a bonus. When a situation arose that had the potential for a Limited Edition Image Klaus jumped into a different kind of serious. Silent and focused. Amboseli didn’t offer very many of these (not like the Masai Mara would later), but it was still good practice for Klaus being in front of Camera.

He wasn’t very fond of talking to the camera initially, but warmed up to the idea after a week in Safari mode. Below is the remaining video of this segment of the trip. It showcases some of the best moments and highlights of the time spent at Tortilis Safari Camp and our days out in Amboseli National Park and the surrounding conservancies.

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Upcoming Film: Safari of My Life

In 2018 Klaus embarked on a New Adventure. He set out to Film a Documentary in Kenya that encapsulates what it's like to be on a photographic Safari. Join us on this epic journey.

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