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Saatchi Art – Klaus Tiedge

Saatchi Art to Feature Klaus Tiedge and His Amazing Wildlife Photography

Klaus Tiedge and Saatchi Art have reached an agreement that will see the wildlife photographer’s work featured in a new article in June of 2019.

The German-born artist is proud and delighted to have the world’s leading online art gallery create a new and powerful link between him and art lovers everywhere. 

His fascinating work depicting the African wilderness will be exhibited on the online platform and made available for purchase for both collectors and artists.

SOLITUDE-1 limited edition fine art print by Klaus Tiedge

Saatchi Art – a landmark in any artist’s career

Since its establishment in 2006, Saatchi Art has quickly developed into a reputable art gallery that hosts artists and their work in an expertly curated environment. The Los Angeles-based company is today the world’s largest online network where art creators and their admirers can meet, discuss and trade their productions.

On Saatchi Art, artists can exhibit their collections, sell their work and reach a global audience of art lovers. The online gallery is home to more than 65,000 painters, sculptors, and photographers from around the world.  Klaus Tiedge is looking forward to becoming part of this prestigious network and to establish another communication channel with fans of his work.

Saatchi Art works with professional curators that discover talented new artists on a regular basis. They next promote their work on the platform and help them get in touch with potential buyers. It is a productive endeavor that helps creators gain something from their art. It also enables art lovers to enhance their collections by browsing a wide-ranging selection of artistic productions.

Once Klaus Tiedge will be featured on Saatchi Art, he will be in the company of famous and successful photographers such as Stephanie Schneider, Ed Freeman, Ysabel Lemay, and Dean West among many others.

SENTINEL-1 limited edition fine art print by Klaus Tiedge

What can we expect from the Klaus Tiedge feature on Saatchi Art?

Klaus Tiedge is one of the most esteemed artists in the field of wildlife photography. He has worked for more than 20 years building a powerful brand in commercial photography and took his vision across the world. During this time, he completed impressive projects in Brazil, Japan, India and the USA where he provided remarkable imagery to advertising productions for numerous companies.

In 2001, Klaus made a swift turn towards natural photography and began capturing outstanding images of landscapes, wildlife and of the interaction between humans and raw wilderness. He chose to settle in South Africa where the weather, the amount of sunlight and the vast, uninhabited areas create the ideal conditions for exceptional wildlife photography.

For more than two decades, Klaus Tiedge has combined his immense passion for natural photography with his intuitive talent for fine art to create awe-inspiring images of the South African wilderness.

His work aims for the perfect mix between traditional painting and modern digital photography.

Whether he captures the image of a wild animal or a far-reaching landscape, the result always bears a distinguished artistic value.

Among Klaus’s portfolio of wildlife photography, you will find remarkable stills of wild animals caught in unique moments of their lives.

The images are stunning and they capture various inhabitants of the African savannah from prides of hunting lions to migrating antelopes to large families of elephants.

Klaus also has a passion for the trees that grow in the sub-Saharan continent, and his collection of baobab trees stands proof for it.

These impressive stills of vegetation growing in remote areas where humans rarely intervene offer the perfect example of nature’s ability to create life even in the harshest possible conditions.

One of Tiedge’s most important contributions to our understanding of South Africa is his work with the ancient tribes living in the region.

During his long stay there, he has to capture exceptional portraits of Masai warriors, and of men, women, and children from the Himba, Gubi, Khoi San and other local tribes and communities.

His photographs offer a glimpse into the lives of less-known and often misunderstood human cultures.

Any art lover with a passion for anthropology or portrait photography would be honoured to have these unique stills of African tribes and their heritage in their collection.

When put together, Klaus’s work creates a complete image of life in the South African landscape.

As the artist himself puts it “My curiosity for Africa hasn’t abated as I find myself traveling more than ever.

Whether portraying her people, animals or landscapes, I find that Africa is good for my soul. It is rich, genuine and satisfying.”

HARMONY limited edition fine art print by Klaus Tiedge

One may refer to it as Tiedge’s Universe – an outstanding collection of wildlife photography that you will be able to admire and even purchase on Saatchi Art starting June of 2019.

How to support artists through Saatchi Art

Pride and Joy-1 limited edition fine art print by Klaus Tiedge

Saatchi Art offers you the chance to support your favorite artists by purchasing their work through the platform. The network enables you to discover new art, enhance your collection and ensure that your money reaches art creators who then have the financial freedom to produce more remarkable artistic work.

Innocent Pride-2 limited edition fine art print by Klaus Tiedge

When you decide to buy art online, you become a saatchiart supporter for your most preferred visual artist. If that happens to be Klaus Tiedge, you will be glad to know that you can sustain his efforts of capturing South African wildlife starting with his much anticipated Saatchi Art feature that will take place this summer.

AMOROUS limited edition fine art print by Klaus Tiedge

Klaus Tiedge’s work in wildlife photography could easily be an inspiration for amateur and professional photographers alike. The Saatchi Art network serves as an artfinder solution for up-and-coming artists who are looking for an artistic direction in their careers.

Mark June 2019 in your calendar! Saatchi Art will be publishing an article of Artists from South Africa which will have a feature on Klaus Tiedge. 

Don’t for get to visit and follow Klaus Tiedge’s catalog of impressive stills of African wildlife at Saatchi Art.

The prominent German-born artist is excited to share his selection with the world’s biggest online art gallery and present his work to a large audience of loyal fans and art lovers that are new to his productions. I’m sure the international network of artists on Saatchi is also looking forward to welcoming one of the most notable wildlife photographers in its prestigious community.

W32_White_Lioness&cubs© Klaus Tiedge

Upcoming Film: Safari of My Life

In 2018 Klaus embarked on a New Adventure. He set out to Film a Documentary in Kenya that encapsulates what it's like to be on a photographic Safari. Join us on this epic journey.

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