Preparing to make a Film in Kenya - Klaus Tiedge Fine Art Wildlife Photography

Preparing to make a Film in Kenya

Behind the Scenes: I'm making my Film

During my recovery from an intense operation and chemotherapy I made a promise to myself that I would go back to Kenya to continue my work as a wildlife photographer as soon as I was able. During more or less the same time I was looking for a Videographer to help us grow our social media presence, specifically for short videos for Facebook & Youtube. I was introduced to Dean Paarman, a german speaking, Cape Town born video guy. Dean’s business has its core focus on developing videos for the Travel industry. This sounded like a match.

We worked on putting a small series of videos together before the idea of going to Kenya came to the surface again. It wasn’t long before we were joking that we should go to Kenya and make a film about my life & battle with cancer. By September 2017 the wheels were turning on this idea and planning had begun.

We would be travelling to Kenya in March 2018, and later be accompanied by my wife and kids. The lifelong dream of making a film was coming true. I hope you enjoy this little behind the scenes video to get an insight into the preparation of this trip.

“i’m making this film for other people
that are in my situation, to never give up”

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