Open Edition prints - affordable artworks - Klaus Tiedge Fine Art Wildlife Photography

Open Edition prints – affordable artworks

I am offering two different type of editions for my photography prints: Limited Edition Prints and Open Edition Prints.

The Pride of Africa Collection in my portfolio of wildlife photographs are a series of high quality originals that are available as Limited Edition Prints, approved, numbered and signed by me, Klaus Tiedge. Only a certain amount of prints of each photograph will be made available to purchase as an original. The exclusivity of those prints is defined by a higher value in price, especially when the edition sells out.

Open Edition Prints - African Wildlife Prints

Recently we have started adding three new collections of wildlife photography prints to my portfolio which are available to purchase as Open Edition Prints.

Unlike limited edition prints, open edition prints may be endlessly reproduced. Because there’s no limit to the number of prints that can be made, an open edition print is priced lower than a limited edition print.prints and makes it a very affordable piece of art.

Each of the three new collections is defined by a totally different style of photography: the timeless Classic sepia wildlife prints, full colour wildlife prints and the modern simplistic wildlife prints with a very light background.

Although I am offering you a more affordable reproduction it doesn’t mean the quality is compromised. These Open Edition prints are Giclée prints on archival fine art paper and are still an original, meaning each print is approved and signed by myself, the photographer, Klaus Tiedge, but is not limited in the number of prints made available to purchase.

For each Open Edition wildlife print  you can select from five different DIN sizes. And the best thing: Shipping to any destination worldwide is free!

We hope you can find your favourite print with us today!

Open Edition Prints - Baobab Trees

During my travels through Southern and South East Africa I am always not only fascinated by the wildlife (although this is my passion) but also by the landscape this part of our earth has to offer. So I was inspired a lot by the magnificent Baobab trees I have come across in Namibia and Botswana.

These so called “upside down” trees fascinated me for their absolute beauty of age, perseverance and wisdom. But also their different shapes and conditions they survive in –  and I understood quickly why they are seen as a “tree of life”.

From my photographs of these different Baobab Trees I have created three different nature print series: Legacy Baobab Series, Hierarchy Baobab Series and Naye Naye Baobab Series.

All three series of Baobab Trees are totally different in their creative styles of photography and available as open edition prints in five different DIN sizes, all printed on archival fine art paper and approved and signed by myself, Klaus Tiedge.

Be inspired by my nature prints and choose your favourite right from this website!

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