What's the difference between Limited Edition and Open Edition Prints? - Klaus Tiedge Fine Art Wildlife Photography

What’s the difference between Limited Edition and Open Edition Prints?

The Difference Between Limited Edition Prints and Open Edition Prints

Lovers or collectors of artwork can choose what they please from a vast amount of art available in the market. However, some knowledge of the various types of available artwork is essential so that a collector can get what he or she desires.

One very important piece of information that can guide this choice is the differences between the various types of artwork. This article highlights the difference between limited edition prints and open edition prints.

Limited Editions Images

LAST LIGHT limited edition fine art print by Klaus Tiedge
UNION-4 limited edition fine art print by Klaus Tiedge

Number of Prints Prints

Limited edition prints are usually original artworks that an artist develops in a specific print medium, like photography. There is always a limited number of prints available of this particular artwork for purchase. On the other hand, open edition prints are a selection of artworks that can be repeatedly reproduced. Most open edition prints allow for an unlimited number of the same artwork for purchase.

In my collection I will only allow  for 10 Limited Edition Prints per size.

Quality of Prints

Both Limited and Open Edition Prints are produced, fabricated and often distributed by the artists themselves or with the assistance of seller portals such as Saatchi Art. Limited edition prints however usually receive more attention to detail. The story of the image and a certificate of authenticity is signed and placed with the artwork when shipped.

The print quality of both editions is equal though as a meticulous combination of detail and quality of materials used. Usually museum grade archival papers and high-quality ink. But, sometimes some artists are known to use cheaper and less durable prints methods and papers.

Collectors or Decorative Items

As a rule limited edition prints are valued more highly and therefore are usually priced substantially higher than the readily available open edition prints. Also, limited edition prints are collectible, which is not the case for open edition prints.

Due to their scarcity, limited edition prints are usually prized, and collectors and art lovers will seek to create a collection of the same. Open edition prints are usually purchased as decorative artworks to dress guest houses or homes.

Open Edition Images

W55_Color_Rhino Mon&Calf© AfricanFineArt.co.za

Price of Fine Art Prints

The non-exclusive nature of open edition prints makes them easier to locate — online, large retailers, second-hand stores, museums or gift stores—where they typically cost between $80 and $500 a piece depending on various factors such as size and finishing.  Limited edition prints on the other hand will cost substantially more ranging anything from $500 to $5000 and beyond. They are obtainable from only collectors, specific art galleries, estate sales, auction houses, art dealers and of course from the artist themselves.

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