Safari of My Life - Behind the Scenes - Episode 5 - Klaus Tiedge Fine Art Wildlife Photography

Safari of My Life – Behind the Scenes – Episode 5

Stuck in the Mud on an Amboseli Safari

Getting stuck in the mud is part and parcel of a Safari Trip in Kenya. This time Amboseli National Park was wetter, greener and of course muddier than i’d ever seen it. Watch how we got stuck in the mud for almost 2 hours.

Luckily within minutes of getting stuck a group of Masai men from a nearby rural village came to see if they could help. The guys were very  friendly and willing to get down and dirty to help us out.

I always find it amazing how you think you are (and you really are) in the middle of no-where, and suddenly people just pop out of the bush.

A great Masai effort

The guys spent more than an hour pushing and shoving the safari car. We went searching for rocks, sticks and branches to place under the tires. Every time we tried to move we only got a meter or so further before having to reset. It was slow progress, but we had more than 200 meters of think mud ahead of us.

Eventually we had to make the call to get a support vehicle to help us out. The Masai guys crowded around as we tried to communicate with our broken english (from both sides).

It was a fantastic experience hanging out with these guys. I really appreciate all their effort.

Our Next destination was Esiteti Primary School as well as a visit to the Masai Village.

The visit to the School is part of a day excursion by Camp Tortilis & the Land & life Foundation. The proceeds of these safari Trip outings is to support the local economy and the growing need for schools in rural areas.

We visited the Masai Village in the area. Get insight into the way the world is changing for rural tribes. It’s almost sad to see how the modern world is creeping in, but eco tourism is trying to keep things in check.

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