The Crossing 1 - Klaus Tiedge Fine Art Wildlife Photography

Original print of the Pride of Africa Collection™


Personally numbered, signed and authenticated by artist Klaus Tiedge.

The Crossing 1

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A large herd of elephants walking together in the open plain of Amboseli National Park in Kenya. The lifted trunk of one of the big elephants makes it a very remarkable photography.

Remarkable piece of art that conserves memories.


After about 3 weeks in the Masai Mara, Kenya during a special safari as my dear wife Sandra had joined me on this trip, I wanted to make every one of her ten days an unforgettable experience.

5 hours by car from the Mara to Nairobi we eventually took over our own rental 4×4 Landcruiser with roof top tent. My friend and guide, John Masek, a Masai, accompanied us. After driving out of Nairobi (city traffic is not made for a rural Masai!) he took over the steering wheel and I sat back and experienced the world unfolding outside us.

Simple wooden stands selling fruits and vegetables or sometimes even just the raw fruits piled up at the road’s edge. It was a busy road with lots of trucks. We sweated in the heat of the day without the comfort of air conditioning. When we entered the turn off for the Amboseli National Park at sunset, Sandra was already suffering from a headache …

Too late already, to enter the park so we camped on the outskirts.

It felt like a new world and as if we had put our feet on a holy land. In the backdrop we could envision the enormous Mount Kilimanjaro as it glowed transparently through the fog of clouds.

Exhausted from the journey we all fell asleep under the massive starry sky.

Well rested we could not await for the park gates to open in the morning.

To familiarize ourselves with the vast majestic land around us we headed towards the viewpoint, “Observation Hill”.

What a diverse landscape unfolded below us, from grassy swamps to desert dry sandy plains to volcano rock surfaces.

Still admiring and taking in where we were, John called us to have a look at the herd of elephants crossing the plains towards Lake Kioko.

Full of excitement I jumped into the car, the viewpoint definitely seemed higher, experiencing it downhill.

We reached the road in good time to be ahead of the herd so that I could work out the best position for this photograph. Slowly the group approached, they stayed very tight together, always giving protection for the little ones in the center.

Then the tall elephant in the middle lifted its trunk – what a perfect moment!













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The Crossing 1


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6/ 6 Exhausted she looks into the distance giving me the opportunity to
portray her from an exciting low angle. #lioness #lion #etosha #namibia
#wildlifephotography #africanwildlife #africananimals #safari #africanamazing #limitededition
#buyartonline #fineartphotography #fineartphotographer
5/6 Only a few sturdy jumps up onto the close by rocks safe her from being
taken down by them. That was a risky game, I think to myself. #lioness #lion
#etosha #namibia #wildlifephotography #africanwildlife #africananimals #safari
#africanamazing #limitededition #buyartonline #fineartphotography #fineartphotographer
4/ 6 Unsuccessfully she returns. Unobtrusively we follow her to the other side
of the rocks. A small herd of buffaloes graze peacefully on this side. She
approaches them carefully, obviously spotted the weakest among the group,
a small buffalo. #lioness #lion #etosha #namibia #wildlifephotography
#africanwildlife #africananimals #safari #africanamazing #limitededition #buyartonline
#fineartphotography #fineartphotographer #wildlife#majestic_wildlife_#klaustiedge

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