Reverence 1 - Klaus Tiedge Fine Art Wildlife Photography

Original print of the Pride of Africa Collection™


All original photographs by Klaus Tiedge (+01.07.2019)  are continued to be available as limited edition prints and will from now on be released as an estate copy with an embossing stamp and  authorisation by Sandra Tiedge. 

Reverence 1

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Lioness captured in beautiful light as a real portrait of the Pride of Africa Collection. Beuatiful light artwork with a modern feel for it.


It was that special morning in Etosha, Namibia …

After a few weeks in the bush, three of us were on my very first photo safari, self-driving more than 2000 kilometers from Cape Town to Botswana and Namibia. Now it was time to head back home.

I owed my friends a proper breakfast because our usual bush breakfast of just tea and rusks for several days left us were starving for something more decent.

During the night I slept very jerkily and when I woke up, just knew something was in the air. Guided by an inner voice, woke up my friends, grabbed my camera and started the car.

“I have to go out this morning, see if we can find the lions that we spotted yesterday,” I called. My friends, caught on surprise, followed me shaking their heads but without any questions.

After a few kilometers a group of lionesses were standing in the dry grass of the Etosha plains. The grass appeared brushed by the early morning sun. The lionesses were observing the land with their focused eyes, planning to trap a bunch of gazelles feeding peacefully a few hundred meters away.

The moment was charged with excitement … I slowly opened the door to rest my lens on the bottom of the legroom. A breeze of the warm desert wind blew in … almost hiding behind the camera, my finger shook on the shutter button. Suddenly one lioness looked towards our car … instinctively I pressed the shutter.

It was magic, the look of this lioness, so clear, so strong and underlined with such inner calmness. The early morning light, illuminating her tummy and white lines under her eyes … she was posing just for us … a life remembrance moment.

An honor giving by nature to witness this special moment and to document it forever for others to share the miracle.




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  • This image of the Pride of Africa Collection (African Wildlife) is available to purchase as a limited edition print in 5 different sizes.
  • The edition size of the Pride of Africa Collection photographs is 101 prints per image plus Artist Proofs of which each size has a certain amount of prints allocated to it.
  • All original photographs by Klaus Tiedge (+01.07.2019)  are continued to be available as limited edition prints and will from now on be released as an estate copy with an embossing stamp and  authorisation by Sandra Tiedge.


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3/3 All our patience is rewarded, it feels breathtaking to capture this
magnificent image of the family showing all their grace but also vulnerability.
#wildlifephotography #africanwildlife #africananimals #safari #africanamazing #limitededition
#buyartonline #fineartphotography #fineartphotographer
#wildlife#majestic_wildlife_#klaustiedge #masaimara #cheetah #cheetahcubs
2/3 Exceptional photograph of cheetah mother as she observes the land with
her six cubs on a hill in the Masai Mara, Kenya. A wonderful piece of art for
every cat or Africa lover! #wildlifephotography #africanwildlife #africananimals #safari
#africanamazing #limitededition #buyartonline #fineartphotography #fineartphotographer
#wildlife#majestic_wildlife_#klaustiedge #masaimara #cheetah #cheetahcubs
1/3 Just after I took the photo the clouds move closer and it is getting dark on
the horizon. I hear thunder and a wind gust stirs up the air. While the clouds
get into a more and more dramatic formation we quickly head towards our
camp because we know that once it starts pouring down with rain most
tracks, especially the Talek River may get impassable when flooded.
#wildlifephotography #africanwildlife #africananimals #safari #africanamazing #limitededition
#buyartonline #fineartphotography #fineartphotographer
#wildlife#majestic_wildlife_#klaustiedge #masaimara #cheetah

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