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Original print of the Pride of Africa Collection™


All original photographs by Klaus Tiedge (+01.07.2019)  are continued to be available as limited edition prints and will from now on be released as an estate print with an embossed signature of Klaus
Tiedge and authorised by artistʼs wife, Sandra Tiedge. 


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One of the most beautiful cats, a leopard, portrayed in its natrual habitat. Every details of its glamerous fur is admirable.


Everything was going to plan on this trip. We camped in Moremi 3rd bridge camp the night before and headed off to Savuti in the early morning hours.

I was so excited as I already heard so much about this place and various people and friends were enthusing about it.

We planned the route well as it included a very sandy and narrow track, which we could only move in slow pace.

After the road took a bend, we reached a gate where a few people were gathering. We looked at each other in surprise, as the map did not show a gate on our route, yet we were certain that we were on the right track. Nevertheless one of our crew took pity and asked those people if this was the way leading to Savuti. “Savuti”, they grinned, “Savuti, no, you would have had to take the turn about 50 km ago”.

We checked on our map again, we missed a turnoff on such a straight road!

Now we were under extreme time pressure to reach Savuti camp before sunset.In slightly higher speed we rushed back this narrow sand road between scrubs and thickets, just praying that no animals will pass our way.We were lucky enough to reach Savuti camp at dawn.

The camp itself is such an experience. The campsite is not fenced off from the animals just the ablution blocks are made elephant proof. Big heavy steel doors with squeaking springs and walls as thick as from a bunker of the Second World War protect the water pipes to be taken apart by elephants in their search for water in the dry season.

While sitting at the fire and drinking our last cold beer we chatted to some other travellers who reckoned that in the surrounding hills there was a leopard mother with a cub.

In the early hours we followed their vague descriptions. We stopped the car many times to scan the area of rocky hills and banked up stones with our binoculars.

Suddenly we saw a leopard. We moved closer and observed its habitat of agglomerated stones and thicket for hours. The mother also allowed us a glimpse of her adorable little cub.

Though I regret not to have the opportunity to photograph the little leopard cub, the more I love this powerful picture of the beautiful mother in undisturbed view, clearly protecting her offspring in her unique habitat of Savuti.






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  • All original photographs by Klaus Tiedge (+01.07.2019) are now released as an estate print with an embossed signature of Klaus Tiedge on the front (bottom right) and are released by the artistʼs wife Sandra Tiedge with a detailed authorisation on the back of the print.


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