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All original photographs by Klaus Tiedge (+01.07.2019)  are continued to be available as limited edition prints and will from now on be released as an estate copy with an embossing stamp and  authorisation by Sandra Tiedge. 

Agnes – Herero Woman Portrait

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Portrait of a Herero Woman taken in Namibia. Capturing this woman with a backdrop and my studio lighting which I carried with to the desert, makes this

a really unique approach and is a beautiful memory of the original people of Africa.

Although the edition is open, all artworks are personally approved and individually signed by the artist, Klaus Tiedge.





My curiosity for Africa hasn’t abated as I love to travel in Southern Africa.

One of these adventurous, far away from normal civilization travels took me to the Himba people in the far north of Namibia.

The Himba, Zemba and Herero are nomadic people who live in areas of Namibia which we Westerners would view as nothing other than dry land and dust and this has always fascinated me. They were just as captivated by my equipment as I was absorbed by their culture. Even though we could not understand each other as my translator remained busy with the chief to get permission to take pictures, we managed to communicate by body language. It was an incredible experience.

With the portraits I made, I want to preserve their original culture of the satisfied and primordial life these people still live whilst struggling to maintain control of their life and lands.


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3 / 3 I remember the beauty of the soon to be sleeping sun, highlighting the pristine silhouettes of these giraffes as we were on our way home, capturing this effervescent image of the African planes, was my honour from Nature.
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2 / 3 Warm atmosphere and colours dominate this beautiful piece of art. ​#w​ ildlifephotography #africanwildlife​​#​​ africananimals​​#safari​​#​​ africanamazing​​​#limitededition​​​​#buyartonline #fineartphotography​​#​ fineartphotographer​​#​​ wildlife​​​#majestic_wildlife​​#kl​austiedge #masaimara #giraffe
1/ 3 A herd of giraffes walking as silhouettes along the horizon at sunset. ​#​wildlifephotography #africanwildlife​​#​​ africananimals​​#safari​​#​​ africanamazing​​​#limitededition​​​​#buyartonline #fineartphotography​​#​ fineartphotographer​​#​​ wildlife​​​#majestic_wildlife​​#kl​austiedge #masaimara #giraffe

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