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Pride of Africa Collection™ – Book

published by Klaus Tiedge.

Pride of Africa (SMALL)

Unfortunately this book is currently SOLD OUT – however the small book with the “elephant cover” is exactly the same content and can still be ordered. Many thanks for your understanding!

Pride of Africa Book
a selection of stylized Wildlife Photography

This is the smaller and lighter version of the large coffee table book “Pride of Africa”.

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Sold Out

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Dimensions 23.5 x 17.5 cm

64 Pages



Published Date

First Published in 2013, second print run 2016


Hardcopy (Lioness on Cover)


The book features a selection of the Pride of Africa photographs including some stories about how images were captured.

Truly this is not only a special memory for anyone who has been on safari in Africa but also a great inspiration for those dreaming of wild Africa.


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6/ 6 The mother and foal standing close to each other giving shelter and
protection for each other, reflects for me this special social bond. #zebra
#wildlifephotography #africanwildlife #africananimals #safari #africanamazing #limitededition
#buyartonline #fineartphotography #fineartphotographer
5/ 6 I love this picture of the mother and foal as they really showed me a very
strong relationship. Their playful bonding games and their caring nature for
each other was a pleasure to watch and reminded me of early parenting with
our own children. #zebra #wildlifephotography #africanwildlife #africananimals #safari
#africanamazing #limitededition #buyartonline #fineartphotography #fineartphotographer
4 / 6 It can survive up to 5 days without water. The Grévy zebra does not live in
harems. Male territoriality and mother-foal relationships form the basis of
their social system. #zebra #wildlifephotography #africanwildlife #africananimals #safari
#africanamazing #limitededition #buyartonline #fineartphotography #fineartphotographer

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