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My Time in Kenya

Kenya Photography

Angama Mara Lodge

I’ve just returned from Kenya, and one of the highlights was my stay at the Angama Mara Lodge. In partnership with Opulent Living Travel we are working on a distinctive safari experience and photographic trip for some first-hand experience and insight into life as a photographer.

The Angama Mara Lodge, created and owned by Nicky and Steve Fitzgerald is the perfect balance of excellent design, perfect location and top-notch hospitality. Their many years of experience in the industry are acutely apparent when staying at this establishment.

On arriving by plane, just a short drive found me in Agama, overlooking the Great Rift Valley. This was a deeply memorable experience for me. The view might be recognised as the hill featured on the movie poster for ‘Out of Africa’.

I am anticipating a great project as a result of this visit, and hopefully the end of this year will see me back at the Angama Mara Lodge with a group of travellers from Opulent Living Travel.

Angama Lodge
Angama Lodge

My photographic experience in Kenya

On this visit to the Mara, I found the grass unusually tall, which presented some challenges as well as some novel aspects. This is in contrast to last year, when the area was in severe drought conditions. Isn’t it amazing what deep effect these changes in weather have on the landscape? This rich grassland offered me fresh photographic opportunities, for example, cheetahs and even lions climbing trees!

I am currently tucked away, viewing and sorting my images and will hopefully be able to give you a sneak peek next month. Below you will find some images of my experience in Kenya.

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