Klaus Tiedge The Official Documentary Trailer - Klaus Tiedge Fine Art Wildlife Photography

Klaus Tiedge The Official Documentary Trailer

About ten years ago I made a big shift in my career as a fashion and advertising photographer to pursue my passion of travelling and capturing the beauty of my new home, Africa. I have become a well known Fine Art Wildlife Photographer and my artworks are represented by various galleries worldwide.

In early 2017 I was diagnosed with cancer. I promised myself that I would make it back to Kenya to make a Documentary about my life and work and to take my family to where I have created most of my wildlife photographs. This is my story.

This is a story of adventure within the pursuit of happiness. I am in the process of producing this Documentary Film in Kenya. The story is of my life as a German Wildlife Photographer living in Cape Town. The focus is around my journey of overcoming cancer by continuing my work and taking my family to where I have photographed most of my wildlife imagery that is part of my collection. I am making this Documentary to give inspiration and hope for others who might be in similar situations, giving the strength to persist against all odds and to live life now.

To all distribution platforms; if this film would be something of interest for you as a distributor, please contact me. This film is still in production as my battle with cancer continues.

This Documentary is co-produced with Dean Paarman, Cape Town South Africa.

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