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Jambo 2019 – A great year ahead

Happy New Year. I hope that you had a good entry into the New Year. I am thoroughly looking forward to the the months ahead. Sandra and myself have looked at our schedule and plans and are delighted to say this year will be very interesting for my friends and followers. Here are some of the highlights you can expect.

On the Agenda for 2019

Film Premiere

It will soon have been a year since we went to Kenya to make the Film. This year we will be premiering the film for the first time. More on this in February 2019. Have you seen the Trailer?

The film covers the subject of my diagnosis with cancer and the desire to keep pushing myself. I hope that this film will help inspire others in my position to keep fighting, the way I am.

Bush Lapa Travelling

As always, I’m yearning to travel again. This year I have arranged some shorter trips that will be easier for me to manage with our brand new Bush Lapa Trailer. The trailer should be arriving in the next few weeks. After a couple of local trips in South Africa I can see a potential Namibia Safari Coming up.

Photo Tips Series

In 2018 I focused on a couple of topics to help people further their Wildlife Photography. This year we want to extend on this idea by helping people understand simple techniques, mindsets & of course the all time internet favorite: What gear do you use. (Honestly my least favorite subject, but I understand that it is important to many people.)

Safari Lodges & More

In 2018 I was fortunate enough to stay in some of the best lodges in Kenya. This year we would like to share the video diaries of these and more African Bush Safari Lodges. There are many great lodges out there but there are things to be aware of, like illeagal lodges. And ofcourse as always I like to pay a tribute to the staff. (Watch the Amboseli Tortilis Camp Staff Tribute)

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