Image of the Month October - Klaus Tiedge Fine Art Wildlife Photography

Image of the Month October

Each month we will be showcasing one of our most popular prints. For the duration of the month there is a promotion giving you 15% discount on this particular print. See the coupon code below.

This month it is a double winner because not only do we offer you a discount of 15% on this popular original wildlife print but we also donate 20% to the Mara Elephant Project

Crossing at Amboseli

While on a trip to Amboseli National Park in the Southern Region of Kenya I witnessed 3 elephant stragglers catching up to a big herd. As the clouds scattered and the light moved in i saw this great opportunity to capture this picture.

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The story behind this photograph:

It was one of those one-in-a-thousand type days when we entered Kenya’s Amboseli National Park. The warm air and the sun’s reflection on the dry plaines shimmered as beautiful cloud formations gathered together. We sat in an old Landcruiser of which the air condition had packed up an age ago. The hot dry breeze blew through the open windows. This is the kind of dust that creeps into every crevice of my photo gear. I make sure to cover it all up.

I stopped to look through my binoculars, on the horizon a small group of elephant appeared in the distance.

The elephants in this area are something quite unique. Amboseli has always been famous for it’s elephant herds. As they  quietly stride across the dusty plaines one feels the majestic presence. After a few days in this area you realize the extremes between the the world you come from and raw nature. It’s an overwhelming experience.

When this scene evolved, the small group of elephants came closer; it was only my camera, the elephants and myself. They looked like three stragglers; I repositioned myself toget a different angle.. A vertical frame for this image puts emphasis the special and interesting perspective of the scene. Although close to us, they appeared smaller as I chose to give the sky and the dramatic clouds the dominant space with a wide angle lens.

This shot demonstrates my love for being in Amboseli … the depths of space represents a calmly atmosphere and a wide space of virginity, a special feeling only experienced in the wild.


The photograph “Crossing at Amboseli” is part of my “Pride of Africa Collection™” and can be purchased as an original, limited edition fine art print which is personally numbered and signed by myself, Klaus Tiedge, and will be accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity and the Story about the image.

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