Image of the month February 2019 - Klaus Tiedge Fine Art Wildlife Photography

Image of the month February 2019

Duo 2

Two Zebras captured in the open plains of Namibia. A low angle and dramatic sky create a magnificent scene for this portrait.

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The story behind this photograph: 

Sometimes it feels like a mystery, driving long distances through the plains of the wild not even seeing a bird flying past.This particular afternoon when driving across the Etosha Plains in Namibia, we stopped and opened the windows, just to break the monotonous habit that you can easily fall for when there is nothing to see.

I listen to silence all around me, it amazes me every time I am out there. Hearing the soft wind blowing over the grass plains left and right and the sun burning on my skin, then cricket sounds get louder, while I am watching down the dry white dusty road in front of us. A little bug is crawling across the road.

We start the engine again, almost feeling refreshed from this little break and drive on.When we get around a little bend, leading onto another straight stretch of dusty road, suddenly, hundreds of zebras are blocking our way!I have never seen this before and asked myself, “why here? The grassland does not really look much different to the one before?”

Through the open car window you can easily reach out stroking a zebra’s head. Quiet and patiently, the zebras stood in the heat of the afternoon. Some are grazing but mostly they are grouping together in pairs or quadruplets. Time seems to stand still. Only when the zebras in front of us move out of our way we can carry on, in walking pace.Clouds build up on the horizon and move over the grassland. A harsh wind blows over the plains as if you had opened a large door for a draft to come through. The feeling of rain and thunder fill the air. It’s electric.

We drive on, as the clustering herds start moving in different directions. A pair of zebra is heading in the same direction as us and we try to keep up their pace.

I hold my camera on the beanbag, which is resting on the opened window. My sight stays on the zebra pair trotting by. When my friend stopped the car for another zebra to cross the front of our car, it was my moment.One of the zebras looked up to me. I press the shutter. That was it. I was able to capture this electric scene.

The picture is filled with a lot of drama and when looking at the picture today I feel, the moment of silence and the non-expectance of the wild.

The photograph “Duo 2” is part of my “Pride of Africa Collection™” and can be purchased as an original, limited edition fine art print which is personally numbered and signed by myself, Klaus Tiedge, and will be accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity and the Story about the image.

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