How do you develop your Photography Style? - Klaus Tiedge Fine Art Wildlife Photography

How do you develop your Photography Style?

Klaus Tiedge, wildlife fine art photographer, explains how to develop your own photography style. After many years in the lifestyle and fashion photography Klaus ventured into the Wildlife Scene. 

Klaus goes on to explain that a very important aspect of his Wildlife photography style is to capture the environment. Another point is that people all assume that Wildlife photography is about having long lenses, but the more experience you gain the better you become at seeking moment with close up situations.

But all technicalities aside, the most important thing is to just keep going out there and trying new stuff. Look at other peoples styles and copy them – to learn! by doing this you will bring your own flavor into the mix and inherently develop your own wildlife photography style.

where it all began

This image “Pride of Africa” is where Klaus’s journey into Wildlife Photography began. After a trip to Namibia, he brought this photo to Martin Osner Gallery to which Martin himself replied: Bring me more of these and we will do a solo exhibition with Klaus Tiedge Photography. Needless to say this happened and the rest is history.

PRIDE OF AFRICA limited edition fine art print by Klaus Tiedge
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