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Family Safari morning

Going on family safari

It was a cold and wet morning. The roads still flooded from the rain in the previous night. There we were on our first safari morning as a family in Kenya. The previous afternoon had already spoilt us with some amazing cheetah sightings. And now for sure the children were infected with the bush bug and with it the anticipation was high. Unfortunately it was not a complete family safari as we had wished for because Klaus had to take a rest to fuel his energy levels. The recent weeks of long days and adjustments of travelling had taken its toll on him.

On our way to the Talek Gate into the Masai Mara we crossed the Talek river via its bridge as usual. The river was carrying a lot of water and it its currents looked scary.

Soon we came across a small single elephant bull. The children’s eyes went wide open and I felt grateful for just being here and having the opportunity to spent this special time as a family on safari. So often they had asked where Klaus takes his photos and how it is like to be on safari. Here we were.

first animal encounters

After leaving the elephant behind we got lucky to approach a lion pride that was still feasting on a recent kill from the night. They were not much interested in us. We stood there for a while watching the adult lions eating while the cubs, big and small, rather liked to play.

Our children, Lena and Lucas, also wanted to play. So it was much more interesting to take photos and videos than just enjoying the scene. So they tried out all the different gear: from cellphone to small camera to the SLR camera. They were really proud when Dean explained them a few buttons on the “big camera” and they were allowed to shoot with Daddy’s favourite gear. They were so concentrated and ambitious and so almost a competition between the two came up who took now the better shot.

While we were enjoying the scene a jackal came up in the distance which Lena and Lucas had noticed only because they were playing with zooming in and out of the frame. They took quite some promising footage and photos. I think you can tell that a bit of talent is probably in the genes;-)

bush breakfast

After leaving the lions it was time for bush breakfast. I always wonder how John chooses the spot for it and how he declares the one area to be safer than the other. Well, I think I will never find out 100%. So today it was near the river bank. The breakfast picnic that the lodge provides got put up on the car’s bonnet. Lena and Lucas looked surprised. They still remember that when being on safari in parks in South Africa you are not allowed to go out of the car, under any circumstances. And now, here we were in the middle of the Mara having a picnic in the open field. Well, I said, no worries, we have John with us. He knows what we can do.

Talek River crossing impossible

Actually the plan was to return to camp around lunch time in order to meet up with Klaus. But we had a problem now. The Talek river had risen even higher and so we couldn’t cross the Talek bridge after the park gate.

What could we do? Well nothing than waiting – it was not an option to take a detour because our park ticket would expire soon. So we looked at the torrential river along with some other visitors.

About two hours later the water level decreased and we were able to cross. What a relief.

After crossing the bridge a tame Eland put its head into our car – couldn’t believe how tame it was.

Back at camp Klaus was already waiting for us. He felt much better and more refreshed after a long nap and a proper breakfast. Now it was time for the children to share their morning with dad and to show him what they had all captured on his camera….

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