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Check out the New Instagram Layout

Klaus Tiedge on Instagram

 1/3 – Not much on it’s own, right?

Every now and then you notice a strange looking post on Instagram with many likes. It’s just a piece of sky, nothing spectacular. You wonder if you missing the point? Then in the description you see 4/6. What does it all mean? 

It's an Instagram Trend

Well incase you didn’t know there is a trend on Instagram going round to split pictures into smaller squares and post them back to back creating a college. It may seem absurd and unnecessary but when you realise what it does for you profile you tart to enjoy it.

So if you see something like 4/6 it means that this is the 4th image in a series of 6 to make up the main post. The only way to see it is to visit the profile. So get on over to my profile and check out the new style. We have covered Cheetahs and lions already.

Why I like it

Something that occurred to me about Instagram when i saw my own images laid out as a montage. Many of my Images, although portraits of animals rely heavily on the landscape the weather and the general mood. When placed in a regular Instagram gallery Grig they ten to get lost. Now that one can experience the story and feeling on the image right from the gallery I feel that Instagram has brought them to life.

Let me know in the comments below what you think of this new trend? Will it last?

Here is the result

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