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A lesson in patience – family safari in the Mara Triangle

Family Safari in the Mara Triangle

After Klaus had been on safari with Dean (editor and cameraman) and John (safari guide and driver) for more than two weeks it was time to spent some family time in the Masai Mara and go on safari together.

We had moved camp to the amazing lodge “Angama Mara” located high up on the slopes of the Mara Triangle. We could have not wished for a more magical place: stunning location with breathtaking views, superb service and super friendly staff who is always going the extra mile, incredibly delicious food – all in all: a home away from home! 

After a very close encounter of an elephant grazing next to our car when we started our day, we had the incredible luck of spotting a leopard in the open field just shortly after. But as soon as we had spotted the leopard, it was hiding again, thanks to its wonderful camouflage skin it was literally sucked up by the dry grass. 

We were waiting with anticipation: first highly concentrated looking through the viewfinder of the camera, kids as well as Klaus wanted to be the first to capture this beautiful cat when it would appear again. 

But then the anticipation dropped quickly as it turned out it could be a longer wait:  Lucas, at the time 9 years old, put it straight out there :  “It’s boring!”

Klaus replied: “Boring? We are only here since four minutes…?!”

A lesson in patience

Then Klaus patiently explained to Lucas that it may seem boring but the leopard is a very shy animal. It’s very rare to actually see a leopard in the wild. 

Normally it hided in trees and bushes and it saw you, rather than you spotting it. 

“So we were very lucky to see the leopard in an open field in the wild not far from our car!”, Klaus adds. 

He told us that he once John and he went two days back to the same tree where they had spotted a leopard until Klaus could finally take a picture of it. 

Lucas seemed not convinced and said that it was still boring and he guessed that Klaus properly also found it boring. 

Klaus tried to explain him that this was the whole point of wildlife photography. 

“We are not in a zoo, Lucas, the animals are not waiting for us to take pictures of them. We have to wait for them. “

Reward for being patient

This was a big lesson in patience. 

How do you explain a child to enjoy also the moments in between sightings and how rewarding it can be when you have waited hours or days in anticipation before something great will happen and eventually pay out for all your patience?

Klaus compared it with playing soccer: Think about how often you run over the field or practise in training without actually achieving a Goal. But when you eventually make it and you kick the ball in the net, you are thrilled! All that waiting for the right moment is then forgotten because you feel so happy and satisfied. It’s the same in wildlife photography. 

I am not sure how long we waited but for me fairly soon the leopard came out of the dry grass and I could hardly believe it, it walked less than two metres next to our car. He made his way through the cars that had gathered in the meantime, then disappeared again. 

What a beautiful sight – even if it was brief in time !

Other animals in action

The rest of the day evolved to be more action driven as we had sightings of warthogs, a jackal and vultures, crocodiles 

By the river bed and then, I would say, for the children the best and most memorable part: A huge group of Thompson Gazelles that suddenly started running and jumping through the field! The children were thrilled! 

And, yes I must admit, it was a very happy sighting and made us all smiling ! 

A beautiful way to end a very special day out in the Mara Triangle. 

Sandra Tiedge

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