Klaus Tiedge changes path in his career - going into wildlife photography

A career change – going into wildlife photography

male lion Namibia

A new direction

Klaus had been a commercial photographer for over 20 years. Having worked for many well known photographers at the time and travelling to many countries worldwide for photo productions, he felt the desire to change direction of his career path again. 

Klaus claims that one of his philosophies in life is to embrace change and sometimes it’s a complete change of direction that is necessary to keep inspired and make life more interesting.

After having a successful career as a fashion and advertising photographer as well as shooting for catalogs, Klaus didn’t feel as inspired any more. Klaus was looking for a new challenge.

Going into wildlife photography

After having made Cape Town in South Africa his new home, it was time to change again.

Klaus had had the opportunity to travel through Southern Africa over past years and he still loved photography. So one day it became clear to combine the one with the other. Inspired from his recent trip to Namibia and Botswana and coming back with a few great photos of elephant and lion, the idea was born to go into wildlife photography.

Klaus took the tools of  lighting, great composition and adjusting colours that he had mastered in his previous commercial career over to the new venture and created a distinct look to his wildlife photos.

Birth of a photography collection

With the male lion Klaus had capture on one of his first trips to Namibia it was the beginning of a new photography collection: Pride of Africa

Pride of Africa has grown over the years as Klaus was doing more trips and capturing new compositions of wild animals.

Today the collection Pride of Africa consists of over 90 superb fine art photographs of wild animals from Namibia, Botswana and Kenya.

All these images are available as limited edition prints.

Learn more About Klaus Tiedge

Visit the About Page to learn more about Klaus Tiedge.

With his film documentary “Safari of my Life” Klaus has left a wonderful memory of his legacy not only to his family but also to the whole world.

To find out more & watch the film, visit: www.safariofmylife.com

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